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If You Really Want To Make It

If you really want to make it,
Then you have to start from scratch,
Ignoring little grievances That petty people hatch.
You have to keep your temper, If you want to get ahead,
How many times we've spoken words, We never should have said.
If you really want to make it, You must proceed with care,
Stumbling not along the paths, Where angels never dare.
Keeping faith with precepts, Far wiser than your own.
Building something lasting, Though your name is never known.
If you really want to make it, You'll have to learn to be,
As forgiving and as patient, As the Lord has been with thee.
There is no man among us, So perfect he can claim,
Immunity from error, And innocence from blame.
You'll get no special privileges, Whatever your degree,
Without a credit in the course, Of basic charity.
However great your fortune, You cannot buy one day...
So live your life remembering...You are not here to stay.

Author Unknown




From The Heart       A Rose Within