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I Am Thankful

I'm mindful of the blessings
that come my way each day.
My heart is overflowing each
time I kneel to pray.

I am thankful for the seasons;
each one's a masterpiece. I am
allowed to work the land, but
God still holds the lease.

I'm grateful for the friendships
that brighten sorrow's way,
because my cup of happiness
sustains me every day.

I love the children and the
flowers that decorate my life
and the quiet gentle hours
free from worry and strife.

I'm grateful for the eyes that
see the beauty of it all.
Because God's been good to me
and blessed me through it all.

I'm thankful for the little things
that fill my life with love.
The best things in life are free,
they come from God above.

~Author Unknown~





Celebration Room          ~Coming Soon~


Midi used with permission from
New Song Online