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Give Me Strength

Heavenly Father give me strength
When I face the world each day,
For what I do is in your best interest
And a different path I do not stray

Give me strength to use my mind
My feet and hands as well,
Let my heart be my guide toward mankind
So I never feel they should be in Hell

Give me courage to stand alone
If blame comes down on me,
Give me wisdom to understand
And any doubts I will set free

Heavenly Father give me strength
To have patients and be kind,
Please guide me through this new day
And leave yesterday far behind

Give me serendipity
Besides for what I already know,
For we're never old enough to learn
Or blind enough to show

Give me strength to realize
This is not a perfect world,
For every stone that is placed for peace
Another will be hurled

Give me strength not to criticize
Or form opinions from idle talk,
Give me strength so I may turn
Away from it and walk

Heavenly Father give me strength
To be thankful for this day,
For when it's finished and almost over
I will lie down and gently say:
"Heavenly Father give me strength"

~Author Unknown~



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 Midi is used with permission and is entitled
Free As The Wind 1998 Yuko Ohigashi