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    Moonlight Ride

Celebration Room

~Poetry Room~
Are You Waiting To Be Called

From The Heart

If You Really Want To Make It

A Rose Within

Your Special Angel


The Highchair

Today I Smiled

It's Up To You

Gods Boxes Of Love

Through The Storms

Dear Teddy

Friends Are Like Angels

Give Me Strength

Start Over

The Gift Of Lasting Love

This Old Cat

My Mother Kept A Garden

Heart Prints

Don't Let Go Of Hope

Life's Tug Of War

If I Knew

~Story Room~

Love Passage

10 Commandments For Kids

God Answers Knee -Mail

Birdies Among Us

~Misc Room~

~Tribute Page~

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About Me

Awards Page One

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Me And Caitlin

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Midi is used with permission, and is entitled
'Have Faith'  Copyright 1999 by Yuko Ohigashi.
Visit her site by clicking on her banner.