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Your Special Angel

When you hear an Angel softly whisper to you,
In the light of the day, or the darkness of the night.
When you feel the presence of an Angel caress you,
And see their beautiful wings spread in graceful flight.

When something inside you just makes you smile,
Or you feel a warmth suddenly wash over your heart.
When your dreams are beautiful and include an Angel,
As you lay with your head on your pillow, in the dark.

When you're alone, and everything is quiet around you,
Yet you can hear the sweetest lullaby being sung.
When waking up in the morning, any troubles feel lighter,
From speaking with an Angel, before a new day has begun.

Then you know I am the Angel who you can feel and hear;
Your special Angel from Heaven who will always be so near.
I'm no longer able to be here in body, but I'm with you everyday,
As my loving heart, my soul, and my spirit, will never be far away.

Author Unknown





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