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This Page Is Dedicated To My Best Friend Caitlin !!

 Me and Caitlin have been friends since 5th grade. At first we did not have nothing in common.

We both where very different. But we still where friends, but not as close. Sometimes we would fight and not talk for days but then we made up, we talked nonstop for hours to get caught up!

 Some thing's we did not agree on but the best thing about our friendship was the trust.

When I had to move away to our new house we both sat on the floor and cried for one or two hours. But I told her if she needed me she could call and she said the same thing to me!

 Some things I like to remember about is the times we spent together. When we would go to church together and when we would spend the whole summer together.

 Most of the time we where at her pool and after we just sat down to talk about our day. If we needed help with our homework we would help each other.

 One time me and her made a big surprise for my mom and dad.  We baked a cake together and decorated it with the saying "The Best Mom and Dad In The World", we were like sisters!

But the memory I can't let go is when one of our friends died. He went to school with me and Caitlin, we both helped each other get through it. All our prayers went to his family. We all miss him!

The thing that is true about Friendship is that know matter how far away you live from one another, you still can be there for each other!






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