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Jesus, Christmas Eternal

What Will We Have
When the Last Christmas Gift
Is Unwrapped and Put Away?

Jesus, the Eternal Gift from God,
for Our Salvation,
for Our Hope.

What Will We See
When the Christmas Lights Flicker
One Last Time?

Jesus, the Light of the World
Shining Forever
in the Blaze of His Glory.

What Will We Hear
after the Last Word
of the Last Christmas Carol?

Jesus, in the Power of His Word
and Every Note
of Every Song of Praise.

What Will We Remember
When the Christmas Trees
Are Taken out and Put Away?

Jesus, the Master of Nature
and the Majesty of His Creation.

What Will We Remember
When Those Festivities Are Over?
What Will Remain
When All Is Done?

Only Jesus, Our Gift from God,
for Christmas Eternal,
Will Last Forever.

Poetry used with permission, and is entitled
Jesus, Christmas Eternal by
Lisa Kooper .
Courtesy Of The Fellowship Of Christian Poets


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Midi used with permission
And is entitled Joy To The World
By Yuko Ohigashi