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The Midnight Sky

Deep within the midnight sky,
His birth was heralded forth; a gift
from God above with strong shouts
of acclamation did our Savior come.

 He's here, He's here the angels did
proclaim. For unto to us this day is
born in the city of David, a Savior,
who is Christ the Lord.

The LORD Almighty, the One who
reigns, the One to whom all creation
bows, is born as a babe and in his
mother's care.

Rejoice, rejoice the shepherds say,
the messiah is born, break forth the
day, dispel the night, for here is
God's true Light.

Cower not in the shadows of fear
or doubts, break forth and sing,
for man's liberation is finally here.

A small child of wonder and delight,
bring forth the good news of God's
love and banish man's blight, of sin
and misery, sickness and pain.

Rise up o people, with words to
proclaim, the Savior has come,
so proclaim His name.

In His name there is healing from
shame. Joy to be had for all to
claim. Forgiveness for the asking,
none denied, salvation for you
with love entwined.

 His love and mercy are truly great,
for He commendeth His love towards
us without measure, ensuring no delay.

 O my friend, please don't delay,
accept His free gift and do it today.
Peace and joy will be yours without
measure, and to live with Him in
heaven forever.

Poetry used with permission, and is entitled
The Midnight Sky by Michael Rouleau.
Courtesy Of The Fellowship Of Christian Poets







Something To Think On                              Jesus, Christmas Eternal

Midi is entitled O Holy Night,
And is provided with permission by
Yuko Ohigashi.